There are more than 210 parks & open spaces under Municipal Corporation, Panchkula which are being regularly maintained by the Corporation. These parks are located in sector 2, 4, 6 to 19, M.D.C. 4,5 and Industrial area Phase-1 and Phase-2.

The Municipal Corporation is responsible for developing these parks by providing landscaping, jogging paths, swings, benches etc inside the park. In order to involve the residents of Panchkula in maintenance and upkeep of these parks, a new scheme has been launched. According to the scheme different park development societies were constituted area wise & parks were handed over to them for maintance and upkeep. Municipal Corporation is paying at the rate of Rs. 3.00 per square meter per month to each park development society to meet out the expenses. Now with the help of these park development societies, 201 parks are being maintained in Panchkula. Municipal Corporation Panchkula is one of the only few Corporations through out the country which has started maintaning the parks with the help of residents at such a large scale. Most of the parks are equipped with all type of facilities for children and adults. These parks with beautiful lawns and landscaping attract hundreds of neighbourhood people in the morning and evening time.

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