General Sanitation

The Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994 under Section 268 to 308 & 309 to 316, 320, 329, 332 & 338 provides the mechanism for sanitation and cleanliness. In compliance to the provisions under various sections, the Municipal Corporation Panchkula has created a separate Sanitation Wing.

In the Municipal Corporation Panchkula Zone there are 600 Sanitation workers which look after sanitation in the city. Daily brushing of town is carried out through these workers under the supervision of staff from Municipal Corporation Panchkula which includes Chief Sanitary Inspector, Safai Daroga and supervisors. The waste collected by the sweepers is then collected in the garbage bins placed on different locations in the entire town. The dustbins are then lifted and disposed off in the dumping ground through dumper placers and tractor trolleys engaged by MCP. A JCB machine and one Bobcat machine owned by MCP is also used for lifting of garbage and levelling of the dumping ground periodically. All the vehicles have been equipped with GPS system to make lifting garbage more effective and to maintain efficiency throughout the system. The daily attendance of all the safai karamcharis are also being taken using biometric attendance system, which further makes MCP a technologically advanced Municipality.

For maintaining the sanitation of Municipal Corporation Kalka Zone, there are around sixty sanitation workers which work under the supervision of sanitory inspector and safai darogas. For Municipal Corporation Pinjore Zone there are around sixty sanitation workers for cleaning the streets. Tractor Trollies and refuse collectors are being used for lifting the solid waste and dumping it in dumping ground.

The regular cleaning of all roads, berms and parks are also being done in a time bound manner. All the complaints regarding sanitation, if received, are disposed off in a time bound manner. The toilets in the markets of Panchkula town are also regularly cleaned by the sanitation staff of Municipal Corporation Panchkula. During monsoon season the MCP also regularly constitutes special teams for cleaning of kerb channels, especially drains in colonies within MC limits. Night sweeping in the markets has also started by the MCP to give a better look to the town. Special Campaign of sanitation in all the three towns had also been sarted to give better sanitation in municipal corporation areas.